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Fighters is an authentic boxing gym experience without the intimidation.

Boxing is an incredible sport with benefits too great and too many to list. However, the perception and stigma around boxing can be described as less than desirable. Fighters, the premier boxing gym in Nashville, wants to change that and make boxing an accessible workout option for everyone. This Nashville gym offers a boxing experience that is safe where contact is not required, where all trainers have prior boxing experience and are USA Boxing certified, and where the environment is all about lifting each other up and defining what each of us are fighting for. Fighters is not just another Nashville gym, it’s an authentic boxing experience that is designed to bring the fighter out in everyone.

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Who is boxing right for?

At Fighters, everyone is welcome!

Fighters is a Nashville gym where everyone is welcome, regardless of age, nationality, sexual orientation, or athletic ability. Boxing is a sport where anyone and everyone can derive value, both physically and mentally. Our staff of Olympic coaches, professional trainers, and competitive fighters will teach you the basics, provide an incredible workout, and if so desired, will get you ring-ready for any occasion. We provide personal training, small group classes, sparring, competitive training, private group classes, and even private sessions for behavioral health clients.

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Nashville’s Unique Boxing Experience

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This Nashville boxing gym is about authenticity!

Our boxing gym prides itself on two things: that we make the barrier to entry low for all of those wanting to try boxing, and that our experience is authentic. That experience is made authentic by our incredible staff. Starting with our owner and head coach, Dr. Christy Halbert and with all of our boxing trainers. Fighters is a gym where all of our trainers have two things: a USA Boxing certification and prior boxing experience. Our trainers are not fitness-boxers, they are ACTUAL boxers, teaching you techniques that are effective and authentic to a true boxing experience.

Who is Dr Christy Halbert?

Founder and head coach at Fighter Boxing Gym, Dr. Christy Halbert brings something to boxing training that few can: the perfect mix of safety, science, and soul. Dr. Christy Halbert has used her background as an academic in sociology and a collegiate athlete, to take a multi-disciplinary approach to coaching and studying the sport of boxing.

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This is Nashville’s Boxing Gym

Boxing is a sport with a rich heritage that spans hundreds of years. It’s a sport that doesn’t see race, sex, or class..it only sees the effort that you put in. That’s what Fighters Boxing Gym is all about. Providing a home for all level of fighters, dropping the barriers to entry, and giving the gift of boxing to those in all different walks of life. Our philosophy is this: We are all fighters. We all have something worth fighting for. Find a place and a community that can empower you to fight that fight to the best of your ability.

Fighters Boxing Gym is a new take on boxing training, offering an authentic boxing experience without the intimidation. Come and join our community, full of individuals who all have something worth fighting for.