Black Friday Personal Training Specials


Take advantage of our Black Friday personal training packages and get in the best shape of your life! Boxing is great gift for yourself, friends, and family. Purchase one of our annual personal training packages and receive up to a 39% discount!

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1 Session Per Week

Receive one private, personal training session weekly

$280 / per Month

  • 22% Discount at Annual Price ($3,360)
  • 48 personal training sessions
  • 60 minute session
  • Monday - Saturday

2 Sessions Per Week

Receive two private, personal training sessions weekly

$480 / per Month

  • 33% Discount at Annual Price ($5,760)
  • 96 personal training sessions
  • 60 minute session
  • Monday - Saturday

3 Sessions Per Week

Receive three private, personal training sessions weekly

$660 / per Month

  • 39% Discount at Annual Price ($7,920)
  • 144 personal training sessions
  • 60 minute session
  • Monday - Saturday

Benefits of a Fighters Gym Membership

Securing a Fighter’s Boxing Gym membership is a sound investment in your mind, body, and soul. Boxing is also one of the most time effective workouts available, producing incredible results in shorter amounts of time in comparison to other workout regiments. The benefits of our boxing gym membership include access to world-class olympic trainers, a vibrant and diverse community, and a safe-space where anyone can learn about the sport of boxing.


Benefits of a Fighters Boxing Gym Membership.


Boxing is by far the most cost and time effective workouts available. Get the most for your money, but also your time.


Our staff members are USA Boxing certified and have real, boxing experience. Unlike many other “boxing” gyms in the area.


Fighters Boxing Gym membership provides a safe space for everyone to train and learn boxing. All are welcome here.


We provide gym membership’s for Fighters of all ages. Please contact us for more information on youth boxing


Fighters Boxing Gym is located conveniently in the Sylvan Park / Nations neighborhood west of Downtown Nashville.


Your gym membership provides you access to state-of-the-art and safety focused equipment provided to our gym by Sting Sports.


A boxing gym is more than just a gym, it’s a family, and at Fighters you join a community of people who all fighting for something.


A gym membership also provides a home for competitive boxers, both amateur and professional, and of all ages.

Fighters Boxing Gym is a new take on boxing training, offering an authentic boxing experience without the intimidation. Come and join our community, full of individuals who all have something worth fighting for.