The staff and boxing trainers at Fighters are true boxing coaches, ready to teach you the “sweet science”.

We have a staff and trainers that range from olympic coaches, competitive boxers, and professional fighters. These boxing trainers are USA Boxing certified and follow a strict protocol designed by head coach and owner, Dr. Christy Halbert. This fact alone makes Fighters unique, and allows us to deliver a truly authentic boxing experience. This Nashville boxing gym prides ourself on the fact that our trainers actually have boxing experience, something most gyms can’t deliver on.

Nashville’s Unique Boxing Experience

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Dr Christy Halbert

Dr. Christy Halbert

Founder, Head Coach

Founder and head coach of Fighters, Dr. Christy Halbert has used her background as an academic in sociology and a collegiate athlete, to take a multi-disciplinary approach to coaching and studying the sport of boxing. Halbert became the first social scientist to publish on the social experiences of women professional boxer, 2012 Olympic Coach for Team USA, and IWBHF Inductee.

Nashville Boxing Trainers

Billy Rafalko
Ashley Bassett
Ernest Rodriguez
Kayla Trotter
Kristin Smith
Ken Smart
Nashville Kung Fu
1st Technician, Wing Chun

Fighters Boxing Gym is a new take on boxing training, offering an authentic boxing experience without the intimidation. Come and join our community, full of individuals who all have something worth fighting for.